Friday, June 16, 2006


I began pagan life with strong shamanic leanings, then I discovered the whole neo-pagan phenomenon. I read books on Wicca, on Asatru and hit a range of good, bad, and plain ole' ugly. I got thwapped, sometimes quite repeatedly and clearly --- other times subtle taps that left me boggling over what to do.

The Labyrinth work has taken over large parts of my spiritual life, and while I initially conceived of that as something temporary; that is what I am dealing with now. I don't know that 'temporary' describes it. I am afraid it is a permanent fixture for me and a permanent focus of my spiritual work. Lately, I dream and get cards in tarot layouts that speak of 'death priestesses' a LOT. I laughed off the card in the Barb Walker tarot --- cause ya know, ole' Barbara gets a bit OUT there --- but my own dreams, some meditational stuff that popped up the same sorts of images begin to hammer me.

I know other cultures in times past had official folks for publicly dealing with death, professional crying and the whole bit. I don't think we have that... not in the broader picture of American life.

I am confused and baffled to think that I may need to consider this my actual JOB. What do your various paths say about death and crossings...officially, from a priest or priestess point of view?

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