Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm Confused About God(s)!??

I am so confused about all these different Gods and Goddesses. The list is nearly endless. I don't get it! Someone help enlighten me.

I am struggling with the whole thing. I read that God in some religions is all male. Then I read he's all female. Then in another...He's both. A He/She.....like mother and father!??

Where He is father -who overlooks, takes care of, sustainer of all creation and the mother -who is nurturer, teacher, gives birth to life.

O.k I can rap my mind around that. Because I do see (personally) that God is He/She. The great 'I AM'.....kinda thing. And that's coming from a Christian teaching but coming out of it to Pagan. I know...I know confusing... and yes it is. I am an odd one out in the church all together.

But then where do all these other Gods from Greek mythology, the patheon and such come into it?
Are they ment to be just characters of this same God or actual Gods themselves?

A friend of mine said that she believes there must be more than one God because all of creation is far too big to be run by one God. Let alone two.

Or are the other Gods/Goddess ment to be GOD'S children?

Or what?!! I am so confused. I thought that if there are other Gods/Goddess. Then man....some of the traits of these Gods/Goddesses have major personality problems.

There is so much killing and sleeping with others going on that it boggles my mind to how any of us would want to follow them.

And it boggles my mind as to how anyone would follow the Christian God? Me included. That's why I am struggling.

I read this morning that the Wiccan or Witchcraft person or Wythcrafter doesn't go by Gods in general. They go by the earth, moon, elements and stuff. But then I come to a site and they say they are Wiccan and they do go by Gods. And others by Goddess.

One person told me that she's a Wiccan and she worships the Goddess.
And she explained to her. Goddess is both. Father and Mother. God and Dess!!

Please help explain some truths. It's got me intrigued. But confused too.

And how do people relate to one another in a Coven setting, if one relates to Greek Gods/Goddesses and the other doesn't......but they claim to be both Wiccan?

How do they do rituals together or cast spells when they would be evoking or chanting/praying to theirs different?

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