Thursday, June 29, 2006

Names for Nameless Gods

I've just read through the nameless Gods thread, which was very interesting, and it brought a few questions into my mind.

Firstly, if your God/Goddess isnt a 'mainstream' one, how do you refer to them? I mean mostly when you are talking to them rather than when you are talking about them. The God(dess) who seems to have been near me for a few years hasnt revealed much about itself to be, or at least I wasnt listening if they did (only started any serious Pagan reading etc a few months ago, before that it was just general ideas in my head but nothing concrete and nothing I really spent alot of time thinking about). Anyway, I have been saying a nightly thank you, watch over me type thing for a few years but I've never known how to address the deity in question. I used to use a kind of 'To whoever you are' but that felt rather informal, rather vague and it just didnt sit well with me. I've since moved onto a 'Goddesses, Gods..' type of address but that still doesnt feel right. I'd really like something more formal and I guess I was wondering how other people overcame this.

Have you found a name which you can use which they are happy with? How did you arrive at this?

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