Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Predators and Con Men in the Community

As has been pointed out we do have predators and con men in the community, such as the child sex abuser in Australia. As Randall pointed out, we have just as bad people here in the States. It is a fact of life, as any community grows, not all the people who become part of it are going to be good people.

So I have a question, what is our responsibility to the Pagan community when we come across such people?

You know the moment you say something, someone will bring up Witch Wars and not being judgmental. But at the same time not doing anything allows these people to continue to do harm to our people. New people are going to be especially vulnerable to the the predators and con men.

Worse yet these people become part of justifying the attack on Paganism as a whole by those that already would like to get rid of us, or restrict our religious freedoms.

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