Thursday, June 29, 2006

Are their "Opposites" in Faith?

Do you think there can be "opposites" in your faith/religion/path?

For example. a one-time fundamentalist friend of mine considered Catholics the opposite of her faith.
I thought that interesting as I always thought the opposite of ALL Christianity would be... uhmmm Satanism... or would it be Atheism?

Can there be *opposites* in religion at all?

My personal opinion is "I don't think so."

I am not even sure that lack of belief is the opposite of belief when it comes to spirituality. After all, a lack of belief doesn't mean you actively fight against the belief, right? But when you see religions that fight against each other, they frequently have beliefs that are quite they can't be opposites, either.

Anybody else have thoughts on this, or can you help confuse me more!

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