Sunday, June 25, 2006

Godforms and Magic?

It's very often held in a number of books on Magick, especially Hermetic ones, that the Gods, spirits, demons and so on are "thoughtforms" or parts of your own psyche. The argument being that "the God/demon is a part of your Archetypal make up and thus yourself but even if you can't prove any other type of existance to it that could be said about your neighbur or this computer too".

This is all fine if your an Acosmic Monist or for some types of Dualism, however, there are many world views out there.
I sometimes get the feeling the Magicians writing tries to explain away their own spirituality using a bit of Psychology (and a title ofcourse, another reason to be ashamed to be a Theist).

I would say that most Christians (as an example) take their God literaly. I have never heard one of them refer to God as a Godform, an Arcetype or anything else than God.

Magick today, despite of calling it self "revivalist" is very much built on Rationalism, outer Empirism and so on
and I much ask myself, why bother with Magick at all? I don't reject that view of Magick, i just feel that it's hard to be a Theist and a Materialist simultainusly. There are worldwiews that "allows" a God (or several) to exist after all, and pounding "all in your headism" into an aspiring Magician or Pagan is just limiting them.

What do you think?

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