Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Never Taken Seriously When I Say I'm Wiccan

I have this major pet peeve thing with the fact that wicca is very commonly just a "fad religion." So when i mention being wiccan to anyone they always look at me with this look of "'re one of those." And some people who used to be wicca, but are now something "more advanced" have actually said to me that they only see wicca as an "introductory religion."

When I first stepped off the path of Christ...I was lost. (I was about 13 or so at the time) I didn't really have a religion. There were some things I believed and some things that I was still sketchy about. Over about 7 years I looked into several different religions and just kept a personal relationship with nameless gods and goddesses.

When I was about 20...a few celtic gods smacked me in the face one day and I suddenly had these names in my head that I had no idea who they were. I looked them up and figured it out. So I had gods and goddesses, but no religious path yet. Then a few months later I stumbled upon Wicca.
Since it fit all the things I had believed over the past few years I adopted wicca as my religion. I am a pretty avid solitary, but have since been looking into a circle in Philadelphia.

Anyway... I personally know that Pagan does not equal Wicca. And "witch" does not necessarily mean wiccan. I am pretty well educated about the differences between a lot of the different pagan religions. My personal problem is that everyone I meet seems to think I'm in a "phase". That I just haven't been into paganism long enough to know better. I know a lot of solitary witches that basically laugh at me when I say I'm Wiccan. That hurts!

But I am 24 years old...and my mind is made up. I am very happy with my religion and I am very content with how my life is going now. I am at peace. So I suppose I'm asking what you all think of wicca. Do you feel the same way...that it is simply an introductory religion? I just kind of feel like all the young rebelious teens are ruining the name of my chosen path.

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