Sunday, June 18, 2006

Salem Witch Trials

There are a lot of pagans who are excited to go to Salem someday and treat it like a religious journey almost, because all of those witches who perished there for there religion. But in all truth...I'm confused... :S

Sure, witches have died over the centuries for their cause. (I say "cause" because I don't know if it was very religion oriented way back when. I thought that was a more modern thing with Wicca.) It is made very apparent that people were not fond of witches and would hunt them down and kill them. However...most of the people in Salem (or elsewhere for that matter) who were hung/killed/died in prison were not really even witches. They were just ACCUSED of being witches! Many of them were good puritan settlers who someone had a grudge with. Some of them not so "good" (like the one tavern owner who stayed open on the sabbath).
Sure there were some who confessed...but many of them did just to be put out of the misery of rotting in jail.

I'm not saying that NONE of them were actually far as it shows...there is no proof that any of them really were.

So when people are so upset/proud of the "witches" that were"martyred" just because they were witches aren't they just being ridiculous? Yes...I think that the actual fact that they WOULD HAVE just hunted down and killed witches is horrible. But that's not really what happened. It was all based on accusations and fear. How do you feel about the whole thing? Does Salem seem like a sacred place to you or do you feel the same way that I do?

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