Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Out of Touch?

So last Sunday, my country played in the world cup soccer. My boyfriend was going to watch in the pub with friends, and while I don't care about soccer so much, I like sitting around with friends, a drink and a snack, shouting at the TV, so I joined.

Half way the second half, I wished I hadn't. The game was *rough*. There were some nasty fouls on both sides, the ref was only making things worse by being overly strict, and every time the game was paused because of a foul, the players were shoving, and damn near hitting each other. The record for highest number of cards in tournaments for national teams was broken: 17 yellow cards (i.e. warnings) were given, 4 "indirect red" (red card get you removed from the game and suspended for the next match. Two yellow cards gives a red card).

I was embarassed beyond words. To me, this had nothing to do with soccer. It was unsportsman-like, dishonorable... It pained me to watch it.

The pub was swearing at the ref for every decision against our team, no matter how justified, and cheering at every decision against the other team, no matter how unjustified. Even afterwards, talking with friends, they didn't see just why I was so appalled, even though they did have a more nuanced view of things meanwhile.

I walked away feeling like a complete alien. My standards and ideas of how to live life seemed miles away from everyone in that pub.

With all of our beliefs being somewhat out of the mainstream, I imagine I must not be the only one who finds herself completely out of touch with the ideas of the majority around her on occasion. Have you had moments like that? Moments when you wondered whether you were even in the same universe as people around you? How do you deal with them?

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