Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I am interested in hearing from individuals who identify themselves as Eclectic practitioners. What exactly makes up your practice from the standpoint of deities, ceremonies, beliefs, etc. and how did you go about forming it? How do you incorporate new things into your practice as it evolves?

Basically, I'm just trying to find out about Eclecticism from first-hand accounts.

Welcoming a new Tarot deck or any magical tool

Have bought a new deck (Robin Wood) and want to try it out.

Do you use any sort of 'welcome ritual' or meditation to attune yourself to a new magical tool and attune the tool to you? I guess it matters if you have a receptive tool like cards or something you actively works magic with, but well what do you do?

I'm thinking on smudging the deck shortly, though it is fully new. More for the reason to give it my flavor than for cleansing it.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Celtic Creation Myth?

To my knowledge there does not exist a complete Celtic creation myth, but there are some fragments and hints floating around out there in different sources.

Have any of you tried taking those fragments and hints and combined them with UPG and/or myths from non-Celtic cultures to come up with a Celtic creation myth? Know of anyone who has?

Warlork or Male Witch?

I know the term "Warlock" has been given a bad rap over the years... but I've done a little research on Wiki and found out that the term refers to a Male Witch. However, today's views is that a Warlock is an oathbreaker or one who is banished from a Coven.

I was wondering, is it taboo to refer to oneself as a Warlock or is it permissible?

I'm just curious because in the past I've experienced a lot of the Witch-fluff that's been going around these days... and quite peeved about it.

Just want to know your views on this... Thanks!

A Question of Magical Ethics?

I know people often debate the ethics of certain spells. Some are cut and dry. I mean, I know not everyone cares about using morals with their magic at all, but for those of us who do consider the ethical side, most of us can agree that a spell should not interfere with another person's free will, and that a spell should cause no harm. A love spell, for instance, should simply draw love to a person by helping them to meet people that would naturally care for them (and then letting nature take its course), and should not force another person to love them.

However, some things are not quite as simple. Is it wrong to help a person realize the full extent of what they are capable of naturally feeling for you? I mean, let's say that under the right circumstances, if I knew a person, and got to know them well enough, I would be madly in love with them naturally, but things keep getting in the way of me getting to see the true them or something else like that, would it be wrong if they cast a spell to cause circumstances to be right so that I would realize how deeply I could feel for them? Is that interfering with my free will? I suppose perhaps it depends on the wording. It depends on if they ask to make me feel the full extent I am naturally capable of feeling for them (probably wrong), OR if they simply cast a spell to say that if it causes no harm and impedes no good, that the circumstances should be made right, so that I can naturally, and of my own free will, discover how deeply I could feel for them. Thoughts?

What if a person has already loved you, but they have pushed you away and put a wall between you. Is it wrong, in your opinion, to cast a spell to cause them to realize their true feelings for you, if they are suppressing them? I suppose that would be interfering with free will, huh?

Also, another thing I was wondering- what about this. This isn't about love, but rather, about desire. If someone desires you and you want that flame to stay bright, instead of growing dim, is it wrong to cast a spell to keep that flame alive? I mean, if the person feels it naturally, is it controlling them to try magically, to keep the flame alive? Is there some way to word the spell that would not interfere with their free will?

Also, what if any of the above spells could potentially cause harm to a third party (or multiple parties) who are not directly involved in the spell?

Also, I know glamour spells are generally frowned upon, but I don't have a big problem with them personally. What do you think about glamour spells? I know they are not the loftiest of spells, but I don't think it is necessarily worse to ask for beauty, than prosperity. My question is this- is it wrong to make yourself appear differently to others? Is it, in a sense, a lie? What about a spell that merely makes your good traits more easily noticeable? Would it be wrong, however, to make your faults harder to notice? Would it be deceitful? Or does it matter, since it is only appearance, which is mostly perception, anyway? Yet, in some ways, appearance is corporeal, is molded by the flesh, so perhaps it is a lie? What do you think?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Best Way to Train a Student?

I have been a Witch for almost 7 years now and have just taking on my first mentee/student. I have informed her that as she learns, I will be learning from her as well so therefore she does not have to view me as a teacher, but as a student of the Craft studying along with her. I also intend to make the training/studying as fair/equal as possible in which we both contribute.

We both have decided on a non-religious/structured Celtic path, and one that is not Wiccan.

I do want to cover Astrology, Witchcraft (low magick), Spiritual Witchcraft, Hoodoo, and so forth... I will be writing our lesson plan over the summer as well as giving myself a refresher course in a lot of the experiences I intend to endow her with.

I want to give her the training she desires and to aid her in developing her personal gifts/abilities.

I have been trained through the past 7 years by three different teachers, all of them Celtic yet not Wiccan. One of my teachers I still keep in contact with, whereas one of the other two has yet to call me although she has my new number.

I carry certain traditions along with me that they taught me in our short-lived but well-endowed experiences together.

What would be the best way to give my student the best training possible and how to go about not overloading myself?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ritual and You

What does Ritual mean to you? Why is it important to do Ritual? What does Ritual do for you?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Communication Differences

What communication differences have you come across, especially as you interact with others within the Pagan community? What helps with them? What failed miserably? Any good stories?

What's Wrong with Staying in The Closet?

As the years have rolled by me, I've noticed what I see as I disturbing trend in the Pagan community: to marginalize and even belittle people who want to stay in the closet about their religion, their sexuality, etc. Some people are naturally very public about their beliefs and activities (whether those activities are controversial or not). Other people are pretty private about such things and would be even if they were Christian hetero virgins (or whatever else is the desired norm culturally). Yet according to many Pagans every Pagan has some type of obligation to the Pagan Community to be "out" (and preferably very out) about their religious beliefs.

I fall into the private person category. I have no desire (nor need) to wear my religion, my sexuality, or even my taste in music on a badge in my shirt for all to see. It's none of the average stranger's business. Heck, some of it isn't even the average co-worker's or acquaintance's business either.

I'm very tired of extroverted Pagan activists trying to force introverts and people who just prefer not to make their private life and private beliefs public into be "out" for the "good of the Pagan community.". I don't give a damn that they think the world would suddenly be better if such info were public knowledge, I (and others) have every right to parts of our lives private even if that does not futher the needs of an activist plan to "improve" things for the Pagan community.

What do you think on this issue?

Monday, April 21, 2008

How Do You Know Magick is Working?

My friend and I were discussing the the effectiveness of magick. How do you know if the magick actually worked, or if the event in question or the desired result, happened for other reasons, particularly if the result happens years down the road? I hear people saying magick may work immedieately or it might take weeks, months, even years. If you did a spell for your chronic depression to ease and suddenly felt some relief 4 yrs later, might that be unrelated to the spell? So how do you know when it is the magick?

How to Let Go of Your Former Religion?

I guess here are a lot of people who haven't been born Pagan, but in another religion. Did you ever do or felt the need to do a goodbye ritual or anything similar for your former religion?

What are your passage experience from one religion to another anyway? Like something breaking apart with violent eruption, fading silently away or did one path smoothly go into another?

I've grown up a Catholic. Have questioned that faith early and became an atheist as a teen. But even though I don't believe in the one God anymore who would punish me for every petty misbehaviour (that's how I've been taught Catholicism) I still discover sometimes that some mental structures of that faith are still there. It's like I have to tell my inner child on some occassion that 'God won't punish you, remember you don't believe in hell anymore'. I know it sounds weird, but the thinking habits of a mind don't change automatically.

Also I have a lot of hard feelings concerning specific Catholic family members. It's not really because of the religion itself, more because they abused it to teach me with threats how to behave. That's why this past faith is so painfully knotted together with people I have hard feelings for.

I know I'm already on the way of letting that aspect of my past be past. I think my former atheism was just sort of a defense against Catholicism, but I still have a lot of hard feelings concerning that religion or any Christians who share specific thinking habits with Catholics. And while I go along finding my way in Paganism, I still often imagine what this and that person would say if she/he found out about what I'm doing.

For example I've broken up with one acquaintance over a religious argument, but I still hear her accusing voice in the back of my head sometimes. I'm really glad about the break up because I had a bunch of other problems with that person as well, but I have trouble to let go of that particular argument and keep rethinking it over and over. And I often react a bit over top in some religious discussions because I feel the need of defending myself or other non-mainstreamers.

I just feel the need for some kind of formal goodbye so all parts of my mind get the message that it's over. I have worked through my family issues with a counselor 3 years ago in my 'atheist phase'. These wounds are already licked and scarred. Just needing to do the last step to go on like removing the bandages.

Any experiences? Any suggestions?

What I've already tried out is a suggestion for newbies out of Higginbotham's introduction to Paganism. They call it 'beliefs braid'. In a nutshell you knot three strands together representing new ideas, new resources and new actions while your repeatedly saying what they stand for and that you're open to them. I've knotted them together when the moon was waxing and unknotted them again when it went waning. I've adapted the words to 'I'm able to let go of old thinking habits I don't need anymore...' for the waning phase. As I've just done the last step yesterday, I've no idea if it's working.

What do you think? What is this exactly anyway? Higginbotham say it's a prayer bead, but what makes it different from (maybe primitive sorts of) spellwork? Or maybe my adaption of it is improper?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Books on Solitary Seasonal Rituals/Celebrations?

Are there any books about how a solitary newbie could celebrate the wheel of the year?

I'm open to various paths which celebrate the common 8 festivals (Beltane, Samhain etc.) in any definition. (I know there are Pagan religions which have different festivals).

I'd like to know
- how to do a solitary seasonal ritual
- how to atune to the season in everyday life (what kinds of themes are good to work on)
- ideas how to decorate your home
- lore associated with every season and how it was historically celebrated in Europe

Recommendations anyone?

How Do You Feel After Ritual?

Many people have told me that after ritual you should feel energized and refreshed. However, after ritual I always feel exhausted! Is there a way you are "supposed" to feel after ritual? How is it for you?

Friday, April 18, 2008

What is Your Athame Made of?

I'm searching for some new, upgraded ritual tools, and wondered what people are using for their ritual instruments, in particular the athame. I have heard conflicting ideas about the material used in construction, in particular wood vs. metal, and how it affects the elemental balance.

Also, are any of the Wiccans sticking to the traditional black-handled athame, white-handled boline? Why or why not?

Is the Occult Dangerous?

I grew up attending a Theosophical Lodge. I was taught that the occult is as real as the material world, that ghosts exist, and that astral travel is possible.

I was also taught that this is all well and good, but that modern man should avoid exploring the occult because without strong ethics and guidance, the occult is a very dangerous place. In fact, that most people are several (hundred) lifetimes away ethically to being able to 'handle' occult gifts. I was taught that if you come into contact with an other worldly presence, this presence is just as likely to be malevolent as to be benevolent.

Nowadays I don't really believe in what HPB (founder of Theosophy) said anymore, but I am sort of like the ex-catholic who doesn't believe in God but but still feels guilty about having sex before marriage. So, what do you think, and what do the various Neo-Pagan traditions say about dangers of magic and the occult?

Weird Candle Burning Problems?

For the longest time, I've felt someone had given me the evil eye to bring me harm, suffer, go through some bad times, etc. I just couldn't catch a break. So as a cashier for a grocery store, I would see some customers buying Reversing Candles and asked some questions about them. They said it works. So here I am giving it a try. I bought me an 8" tall reversing candle... it's 2" radius, but I thought the red was suppose to be on top and black on the bottom... oh well... this one is black on top and red on bottom. It has a picture of an eye surrounded by 2 broken arrows forming a square sitting on one of it's corners.

I've read what I can about using these candles... So I held the candle... and thinking of all the bad things that has given me grief over the years and still today, lit the candle and still held that thought a bit after lighting it... and thinking for the grief to go back to the sender (who ever it is).

The flame grew and shrank in a repeated manner and burnt out within 30 min of lighting it. I made sure my ceiling fan was off before I lit the candle. So, after awhile I held the candle again and thought about retrieving my griefs back to sender once again and lit the candle. It stayed on with a normal flame until I went to bed. The next day, I lit the candle with the same intentions and the flame was ok for a few min, then it got really tiny and has been tiny for the past 3 hours. It looks as if its about to go out. All I can see is the hot cherry of the wick with a glimpse of flame surrounding it.

What does this flame mean? Should I get another candle? Is there some shenanigans going on? Any feedback would greatly be appreciated. Thanx!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cottage Witch in the City

No, this isn't going to be a TV series or book series!

This, is a twenty year old male who (one month and one half ago, thank you very much!) moved out into his own. For those of you who may remember, I'm the one who brought up a topic in the Prayer/Energy request forum about a child. That situation, although has not occurred (praise the gods) , deteriorated more so with 'the key players' involved.

Regardless, I moved out. It's been beautiful and fantastic with no drama, no worries since then. I did my fantastically good deed for nearly a year, now the Universe seems to be paying me back a bit!

But, here I am. Sitting in my living room with a candle in a circle of crystals burning, some incense scenting the space and reading "Cottage Witchery" by Ellen Dugan. I'm only about an eighth of the way through this book, but it's fantastic so far!

I was wondering a few things really and thought I would come to my favorite little pagan forum I'm constantly checking out, and ask...Are you?

If you are, what have you done to your place as a 'Cottage Witch'? Where are you at location wise (City, 'Burbs, Country, etc.) and how have you done your place?

If you could go so far, do you have any ideas that I can get inspired by? Pictures maybe even?

So far I've found a few baskets that will house small things (at the moment, glass bottles and a teapot, one is also covering the door bell) that is on the wall. Glass ornaments I got from Hobby Lobby for 2.00 each (love 50% off days!), a fantastic "at home" green color on the walls, a 30something year old couch that is in fantastic condition. A glass table I've had for almost five years now, and a 'heavy' wood coffee table I got from Goodwill for 30.00. Oh, and of course my silver book shelves.

I intend on taking a picture in due time, but I really want to know, what else have you done or wanting to do?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Altar Problems: Open Floorplan and Small Children

I've been working with a little portable altar, but I'd like to move on to something more permanent. The problem is that I have a very open floor plan and lots of small children. I don't want my things damaged, or the kids hurt. Is there a particular room in the house that you have your altar set up in? Is there a reason for choosing that room? In order to keep things out of the reach of the littles, I'd either have to set it up in my bedroom, or the loft. I don't like the idea of doing it in the loft because that's the office/sewing room/general place to hide stuff that needs put away. I don't think the mess in there would be conducive to ritual work. So that leaves the bedroom....

Hellenism (Modern Day)?

I found this term on this website, and I looked into it. It sounds really interesting to learn about, but there isn't a lot of basic information on the Cauldron yet, and most people just refer you to the book Ancient Stones... about it. I, however, can't find this and I don't have the money or opportunity to order it online at the moment. Does anyone know a good website that just has general facts about it? Wikipedia isn't helping much on clearing it up at the moment either.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Questions You Use in Tarot Readings?

What sort of questions do you use in Tarot readings? Do you ask very specific ones like 'How will project x of my firm go in the next three months?' or more general ones like 'How will my life develop in the next couple of months?'

I always ask very general ones, not even specified on any field. Also I don't really use it for telling the future, but to mirror my life at the moment and show where it might lead to. I'm not sure it's the right way to work, but it feels more comfortable to me. Maybe it's because I like to have everything in one big picture, but the few books I've read on the topic say you should ask a specific question.

What's your opinion? Or do you use different kinds of questions, specific and general ones?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Amalgamated Deities?

I have been thinking about this for a while and after reading a thread on Lucifer i thought id ask. Given that a number of deity's as we might know them are the result of the amalgamation of other earlier deities, how dies this effect your worship?

If they came about because of a misinterpretation of old texts or through the absorption of other religions does that make them less valid? I would think it would be less of a problem for soft polytheists, but what about hard polytheists who believe each deity is a completely separate and individual being?

Monday, April 07, 2008

Pagan Bumper Stickers?

Would you?

I passed a parked car the other day with a bright yellow sticker in the window which left me ( and anyone else passing) in no doubt that this car belonged to a witch.

I'm quite used to seeing cars with the fish symbol and various versions of "Jesus Saves" around.

Leaving aside the practicalities (driving a Miata my rear view is heavily restricted anyway with the roof up) but I am not sure that I would ever want to display my religious convictions quite so overtly although it's no secret.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Books on Benedicaria?

Hope I'm posting in the right place. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good books on Benedicaria (the Italian tradition of folk healing and spirituality)? I've found some info on the internet but unfortunately most of what I've found is based on Stregheria/Stregoneria. The bad part about it is that a majority of the Stregheria info is based on the nonsense of Raven Grimassi and has little to do with Benedicaria. I'm looking for something a little more authentic so to speak. If anyone has any ideas on where to look please share.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Teens and Paganism FAQ Project Revived

Hi, everyone. Remember this project?

I know its been about 6 months since we came up with the idea of a Teens and Paganism FAQ. I took responsibility for moving the project forward, and then got benched by health problems. Things are a little better at the moment, so I'm resurrecting it.

I've developed a draft outline for the FAQ (below) based on all the input people gave me in this thread. It's very thorough.

Here's my idea for a plan....

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

In Remembrance of Chavi

The anniversary is come
This day once a year
Our hearts now are heavy
We’ll shed many tears

Chavi Ravenna
Your spirit lives on
Always we remember
Tho two years have gone

Our memories of you
Are now bittersweet
But close to our hearts
We ever shall keep

Chavi Ravenna
Sweet shining star
Always so close
Yet ever so far

Storyteller Cat
Dux Bellorum, War Duke
This day we salute you
And laugh through our tears

31 March 2008
In memory of Chavi

[From this post]

Join us in lighting a candle for Chavi today.

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