Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What's Wrong with Staying in The Closet?

As the years have rolled by me, I've noticed what I see as I disturbing trend in the Pagan community: to marginalize and even belittle people who want to stay in the closet about their religion, their sexuality, etc. Some people are naturally very public about their beliefs and activities (whether those activities are controversial or not). Other people are pretty private about such things and would be even if they were Christian hetero virgins (or whatever else is the desired norm culturally). Yet according to many Pagans every Pagan has some type of obligation to the Pagan Community to be "out" (and preferably very out) about their religious beliefs.

I fall into the private person category. I have no desire (nor need) to wear my religion, my sexuality, or even my taste in music on a badge in my shirt for all to see. It's none of the average stranger's business. Heck, some of it isn't even the average co-worker's or acquaintance's business either.

I'm very tired of extroverted Pagan activists trying to force introverts and people who just prefer not to make their private life and private beliefs public into be "out" for the "good of the Pagan community.". I don't give a damn that they think the world would suddenly be better if such info were public knowledge, I (and others) have every right to parts of our lives private even if that does not futher the needs of an activist plan to "improve" things for the Pagan community.

What do you think on this issue?

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