Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Question of Magical Ethics?

I know people often debate the ethics of certain spells. Some are cut and dry. I mean, I know not everyone cares about using morals with their magic at all, but for those of us who do consider the ethical side, most of us can agree that a spell should not interfere with another person's free will, and that a spell should cause no harm. A love spell, for instance, should simply draw love to a person by helping them to meet people that would naturally care for them (and then letting nature take its course), and should not force another person to love them.

However, some things are not quite as simple. Is it wrong to help a person realize the full extent of what they are capable of naturally feeling for you? I mean, let's say that under the right circumstances, if I knew a person, and got to know them well enough, I would be madly in love with them naturally, but things keep getting in the way of me getting to see the true them or something else like that, would it be wrong if they cast a spell to cause circumstances to be right so that I would realize how deeply I could feel for them? Is that interfering with my free will? I suppose perhaps it depends on the wording. It depends on if they ask to make me feel the full extent I am naturally capable of feeling for them (probably wrong), OR if they simply cast a spell to say that if it causes no harm and impedes no good, that the circumstances should be made right, so that I can naturally, and of my own free will, discover how deeply I could feel for them. Thoughts?

What if a person has already loved you, but they have pushed you away and put a wall between you. Is it wrong, in your opinion, to cast a spell to cause them to realize their true feelings for you, if they are suppressing them? I suppose that would be interfering with free will, huh?

Also, another thing I was wondering- what about this. This isn't about love, but rather, about desire. If someone desires you and you want that flame to stay bright, instead of growing dim, is it wrong to cast a spell to keep that flame alive? I mean, if the person feels it naturally, is it controlling them to try magically, to keep the flame alive? Is there some way to word the spell that would not interfere with their free will?

Also, what if any of the above spells could potentially cause harm to a third party (or multiple parties) who are not directly involved in the spell?

Also, I know glamour spells are generally frowned upon, but I don't have a big problem with them personally. What do you think about glamour spells? I know they are not the loftiest of spells, but I don't think it is necessarily worse to ask for beauty, than prosperity. My question is this- is it wrong to make yourself appear differently to others? Is it, in a sense, a lie? What about a spell that merely makes your good traits more easily noticeable? Would it be wrong, however, to make your faults harder to notice? Would it be deceitful? Or does it matter, since it is only appearance, which is mostly perception, anyway? Yet, in some ways, appearance is corporeal, is molded by the flesh, so perhaps it is a lie? What do you think?

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