Friday, April 18, 2008

Weird Candle Burning Problems?

For the longest time, I've felt someone had given me the evil eye to bring me harm, suffer, go through some bad times, etc. I just couldn't catch a break. So as a cashier for a grocery store, I would see some customers buying Reversing Candles and asked some questions about them. They said it works. So here I am giving it a try. I bought me an 8" tall reversing candle... it's 2" radius, but I thought the red was suppose to be on top and black on the bottom... oh well... this one is black on top and red on bottom. It has a picture of an eye surrounded by 2 broken arrows forming a square sitting on one of it's corners.

I've read what I can about using these candles... So I held the candle... and thinking of all the bad things that has given me grief over the years and still today, lit the candle and still held that thought a bit after lighting it... and thinking for the grief to go back to the sender (who ever it is).

The flame grew and shrank in a repeated manner and burnt out within 30 min of lighting it. I made sure my ceiling fan was off before I lit the candle. So, after awhile I held the candle again and thought about retrieving my griefs back to sender once again and lit the candle. It stayed on with a normal flame until I went to bed. The next day, I lit the candle with the same intentions and the flame was ok for a few min, then it got really tiny and has been tiny for the past 3 hours. It looks as if its about to go out. All I can see is the hot cherry of the wick with a glimpse of flame surrounding it.

What does this flame mean? Should I get another candle? Is there some shenanigans going on? Any feedback would greatly be appreciated. Thanx!

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