Friday, April 18, 2008

Is the Occult Dangerous?

I grew up attending a Theosophical Lodge. I was taught that the occult is as real as the material world, that ghosts exist, and that astral travel is possible.

I was also taught that this is all well and good, but that modern man should avoid exploring the occult because without strong ethics and guidance, the occult is a very dangerous place. In fact, that most people are several (hundred) lifetimes away ethically to being able to 'handle' occult gifts. I was taught that if you come into contact with an other worldly presence, this presence is just as likely to be malevolent as to be benevolent.

Nowadays I don't really believe in what HPB (founder of Theosophy) said anymore, but I am sort of like the ex-catholic who doesn't believe in God but but still feels guilty about having sex before marriage. So, what do you think, and what do the various Neo-Pagan traditions say about dangers of magic and the occult?

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