Saturday, April 26, 2008

Best Way to Train a Student?

I have been a Witch for almost 7 years now and have just taking on my first mentee/student. I have informed her that as she learns, I will be learning from her as well so therefore she does not have to view me as a teacher, but as a student of the Craft studying along with her. I also intend to make the training/studying as fair/equal as possible in which we both contribute.

We both have decided on a non-religious/structured Celtic path, and one that is not Wiccan.

I do want to cover Astrology, Witchcraft (low magick), Spiritual Witchcraft, Hoodoo, and so forth... I will be writing our lesson plan over the summer as well as giving myself a refresher course in a lot of the experiences I intend to endow her with.

I want to give her the training she desires and to aid her in developing her personal gifts/abilities.

I have been trained through the past 7 years by three different teachers, all of them Celtic yet not Wiccan. One of my teachers I still keep in contact with, whereas one of the other two has yet to call me although she has my new number.

I carry certain traditions along with me that they taught me in our short-lived but well-endowed experiences together.

What would be the best way to give my student the best training possible and how to go about not overloading myself?

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