Friday, July 27, 2012

Working with the Elements?

I've read a couple of things recently about working with the elements during casting a circle.

I've generally called the elements, asked them for protection and to empower my circle. Notice that I said 'asked' (example: Element of Fire, I ask that you join me here), because I generally try to show respect to forces more powerful than myself. When I visualize the elements, I tend to see them as animals that relate to the element (fire = salamander).

I read somewhere recently that some people believe the elements, when requested, need to be 'told' or commanded as to what to do (example: Element of Fire, I command you join us here and protect this circle) as they are shapeless energies that flow through time and space without any true direction, alliance, or morals (good or evil).

Is there a general consensus on this as to which is more accepted, or what do you all believe?

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