Monday, July 09, 2012

Nature of Humanity?

What do you think is the innate nature of humanity? Good/evil/blank slate/something else? Are we getting better, getting worse, is the question irrelevant? If the question doesn't even make sense in your religion, why not?

For FlameKeeping, humanity simply IS. Not good, not bad, and definitely not blank slate - I've seen way too much character in babies to believe in the blank slate theory! But the good/evil question doesn't make sense. Good/evil is something we measure against ourselves, so there isn't an external measure to apply to us.

I do believe that we are becoming better people, in general - we do not accept things that in the past were accepted. The more we move away from simple survival, the more society gives people freedom to be themselves instead of conform to a norm. I believe that we can /become/ better, as a people. Doesn't mean there aren't times we fall back, but hey, that's human nature too.

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