Thursday, July 19, 2012

Divination with Stones?

The other day I discovered a Scott Cunningham book in my library, the one about stone magick. (The book I usually use for looking up a stone's metaphysical proprrties had been checked out.) Honestly, I didn't get anything out of it, but the notion of using select stones to represent the Major Arcana in Tarot got me thinking.

I have a large (and still growing) collection of tumbled stones that I normally use for charms and as situation-specific worry stones. My idea is that I could also use these for divination, their properties reflecting their meaning; for instance, rose quartz for love, carnelian for confidence, fluorite for clarity, etc. A reading would probably involve selecting stones--with closed eyes--based on what intuition would dictate, and then intuitively lay them out. I don't know what kind of spreads it'd implement; I might just use Tarot spreads since that's what I'm familiar with.

So, any thoughts?

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