Thursday, July 26, 2012

One month out of sync

Ok, so none of this is probably new to any consistent and studied practitioners of Astrology - which is in fact what I'm hoping for.

I farted around a lot with astrology when I was much younger and, without concerning myself much with 'belief' in its efficacy, got fairly good at casting simple charts and so on. That interest drifted for a long time, but like a lot of things in my worldview (which, as you see, I think of as driftwood), it has always been there, rising and receding at intervals.

Now, I recently acquired an ipad, and one of the things I loaded onto it is a very nice stargazing app that follows your motion and allows you to see what's in the direction you're viewing. Last night I was swinging the thing around and saw that the Sun was right smack in the middle of the Crab.

But, but... we're in Leo, right?

Ahh... no. Even Wikipedia makes note that the conventional calendar we use to assign zodiac signs to birth months is so old that it's fully a month out of sync by now.

So how does an astrologer work under these circumstances? Do you cast the chart as it actually is, and assign the real sun sign, regardless of convention? Do you wave your hand and make some noises about the timing being more important than the timepiece, and assign the sun sign by calendar date? Or do you ignore the whole thing, toss out sun signs entirely, and stick with the stars, planets and so on?

Either way, it seems to me that "hey baby, what's your sign" is totally whack now.

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