Thursday, July 05, 2012


I am interested in what people think about oath bound materials and traditions. The exclusivity of information is a very complicated idea. Certainly, some oath bound traditions still hold very close with those codes, but others not so much.

My curiosity was sparked because I needed to find out more about Heredom. (Woke up saying it as part of a phrase.) And within a week or so of mentioning that I'd like to read about it, I had someone offering to give me some oath bound books. I was asked to return them to a lodge when I was finished with them or destroy them, no big deal made.

I was a little surprised that it took no more than asking to get information, but upon hearing some old men discuss the backlashes of secrecy, I kind of understand why they would have mixed feelings and how it wasn't a big deal to give me the materials. I asked if they were concerned about people using the idea of silence in an organization to mentally or physically abusive ends, and was told by a couple that it offended them that the idea of confidentiality was used to scam people out of money all over tarnation.

And since some here are of oath bound traditions and many others know about them and have interesting opinions, I thought I'd pose a few questions here:

What is/are some of the most secretive organizations (nongovernmental) magical, philosophical, social and why would you classify them this way?

Do you think this kind of secrecy is effective in whatever its purpose is stated to be?

What are some of the drawbacks to this kind of silence that you have heard of or experienced?

Have you had any experiences with these kinds of organizations that you care to share? As in what did it do for you? Is it something you'd recommend?

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