Friday, July 20, 2012

Who do you thank for the food on your table?

I'm very curious about this. Do you thank your gods/goddesses for the food on your table or do you thank the people that work for it (this may include yourself)? I know that the vast majority on here are educated, well-informed persons... who know that food does not appear on the grocery store shelf without the hard work of someone else.

Around here you see a lot of bumper stickers that read "Farmers Feed Cities," "If you ate today, thank a farmer," and "Eat Canadian _(insert pork or beef)_" I could also write what's written on some of bumper stickers my friends' trucks have but some of it highly offensive to the non-farming population.

So just curious, who do you thank? Do you make an effort to support your local farmers? I was reading on another forum where they had a thread about how great the weather has been this summer, sunny and warm, no realising that such weather is a serious issue.

Personally, I thank my gods because my family does grow a lot of what we eat.

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