Thursday, July 19, 2012

Search For Path Without Clear Vision

The reason I went looking for a forum to join is the topic of this thread. I am looking to branch out my Craft "skills". Specifically, I'd like to pick an area or two to focus on, rather than just general mediocre fumbling around. I'd like to really find my true Path. Obviously I've been doing my own research and spiritual searching. But I like outside opinions, too, so I'm asking you guys.

Trouble is, I'm only really good at three totally unrelated things:

- reading my own Tarot
- foraging wild plants
- the occasional obvious sign from the spirits

Frown. I've been poking at the spirits for a guide, but they want me to figure it out on my own, apparently. Some ideas I've been thinking of:

- Other forms of divination, like pendulum or runes.
- Focusing on stronger spirit-connection through shamanistic methods.
- Wildcrafting amulets/fetiches from foraged items.

But I have yet to have anything strike me very strongly.

So that is my question: how do I decide? Do I just start poking at all of them and see what sticks? Do I keep giving offers and asking for answers from my spirit guides? Or, from a more practical perspective, do you have any suggestions based on what you know of my abilities?

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