Monday, July 09, 2012

Why do so many people misinterpret the Rede?

I've been wondering for years... why do so many people misinterpret the Rede? We've discussed it's meaning to death here several times over the years. Those of us who didn't just read a book yesterday know it doesn't mean "Harm None" and know it doesn't generally apply to non-Wiccan paths. We know that it doesn't mete out consequences for any actions that may cause harm, or even define what harm is.

Where are people getting these misconceptions? Is it crappy beginner books? Is it misinformed Big Name Pagans? I'd like to know, because it doesn't seem to make much difference how many times I (and other Wiccans here) refute the common misconceptions... they just keep turning up like a bad penny.

Note: I'm looking to discuss the spread of the misconceptions, and not necessarily the misconceptions themselves. Like I said, we've hashed them to death, so there are lots of good threads out there discussing that part. But if the thread drifts, the thread drifts...

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