Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Visiting That God At His House And Other Stories

So here's a topic that's on my mind, and I know there are folks around here who deal with either completely lore-lost or not-well-attested deities, so hey, it might even be a useful conversation.

So every so often, folks want to deal with a deity other than the Big Ones, the ones that have a lot of information kicking around (whether that's a lot of archaeological evidence, or a lot of recorded stories and references, or even a lot of UPG). Sometimes the information is a name and a department, or maybe a couple of scattered references; sometimes not even that. A face that may not even be intended as divine in an archaeological dig; a personal connection to someone unknown; an allusion that clearly points somewhere, but no clear sense on how to follow up on it.

I was talking last night with one of the folks I regularly talk religion with, and my comment was something along the lines of, "Yeah, if I want to work with this god, I guess I need to go visit him at his house." Of course, that's the end of practical mysticism skills that I'm pretty much least confident about....

(And I know I'm on the lucky end of this kind of Obscure Deity Quest. Archaeowiki has an entry on him! (Though archaeowiki appears to be down, Wayback had it.) It had two sources cited! I already owned one of them! I could look up all the ancient texts cited as mentioning him in anything I could find on the web in books I had! And ... okay. Now what? Sigh.)

So: more obscure powers. Thoughts, experiences, commentaries. Whether it involves visiting them at their house or not.

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