Monday, July 23, 2012

Spiritual Exercises?

I know people do it with yogurt and tai chi and a few other things, and was wondering if anyone had some spiritual exercises they wanted to share?

Spiritual connection is so intimate and individual at times, that I think there must be some very different ways that people do this with exercise that I have never considered.

As for me, finding spiritual connection through cycling was something that just happened. I didn't start riding as a spiritual endeavor, but sure enough, the turning of the wheels got me thinking. But it wasn't until I began cycling through woods (we have a great paved trail here constructed over an abandoned train line that runs through the woods off farm fields) that I began to purposefully use that time and movement in a religious kind of way. Seeing the season turn as I make my wheels turn. It's hard to explain the feelings I get.

There are 4-5 months when I cannot ride and then I walk with the same purpose in mind even through snow. It's not as easy on the joints, but I've been addicted for years to both the spiritual connections, but likely the endorphins too (only get that rush with the cycling though).

The original purpose was to get more healthy in body, but it turned out to do wonders for my spirituality and my depression. Though not a cure for the latter, it has helped me as a coping tool sometimes.

I have a friend who does pottery as spiritual exercise. I was surprised at the amount of physicality that went into it from start to finish. And he also has said the spinning wheel was one of the first things that prompted him to think deeply coincidentally. He uses a kick wheel even when the electric ones are available, something about doing that he's said is simultaneously hypnotic and energizing.

Anybody have any exercises they do that have turned out to be or started as spiritual connections?

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