Sunday, April 01, 2007

What Do You Do with 'Found Treasures'?

I go wandering fairly often. I find a lot of random stuff. Lots of animal bones lately. Soy la huesera. To just chuck them back out onto the trail after I've found them seems rather disrespectful, since they've taken the trouble of being there and all, but I'm running out of space for them, and not all the pieces are complete, or display material. Fragments of squirrel jawbones aren't quite the stuff of costume jewelry -for most events anyways. Cool

I must say, it makes for some odd moments when digging around in pockets for change, and coming back with a few squirrel teeth mixed in. Oh oops. How did that get in there. Silly me.

So what do I do with all this stuff? Right now I have a possum skull, some miscellaneous deer bones, a squirrel jaw, and then another five or so pieces that are on the mantle, a deer bone prayer stick, a snakes head made from the vertebrate that connects the spine to the back of the skull, (deer) a few beads carved from leg bones, and some cartilage disks from between the vertebrates, which might make some nice runes if ever I took up reading them, although the likelihood of that is rather slim.

To 'dispose' of them is a bad deal, and I don't really want to I guess. I just need to think of something to do with them because I'm starting to get overrun. Thing being, I'll probably end up with more before I'm done.

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