Monday, April 23, 2007

How Do You Interact With Your Deities?

Awhile ago I was intrigued by something an Asatruar had posted about encounters with deity; it seemed that in his tradition, this was something that was considered rare and happened only to worthy people at very important times. He was confused by the flippancy with which many Pagans here spoke of their encounters with deity; something that, as they described it, happened fairly often at very mundane, everyday moments.

So, I'm curious: How do you interact with your deities? Are face-to-face encounters something reserved for special occasions, or at the deity's whim? Do you have a little chat over tea every day? Do you do anything special to contact or communicate with Them, such as meditation or trance or augury, or is it as easy as turning your attention to Their presence? What form does this communication take for you?

Bonus question: Do you ever wonder if your ego may be coloring the nature of the encounter? Is that even a bad thing?

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