Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dedicating to a God(dess)

Last night, while posting in the "Building a Religion from the Ground Up" thread, I referred to an incident that occurred two nights ago. Then I realized that I would really value some input on it, rather than just using it as an example in that thread. So, here goes.

I've been working on a relationship with Brighid for quite a while now, pretty much to the exclusion of all other deities -- to the extent that when I actively try to approach others, it feels wrong. (I've discussed that here recently.) Part of my relationship with Brighid involves a simple nightly "ritual" of lighting candles, one of which is specifically an offering. I have things I say when I light each candle.

When I get to the offering candle, I say, "I offer you flame." The other night, when I said that, I distinctly and very unexpectly heard a voice in my head say, "I offer you myself." It felt like a prompting -- like someone reminding my firmly that *that's* what I was REALLY supposed to be saying.

I've never had any kind of experience like that. Period.

I also have not (consciously, at least) been thinking about any kind of dedication or initiation or anything like that. In fact, I made a decision some time ago that I didn't want to do that at least for a long time because of how...permanenet it would be. And then I stopped thinking about it.

So, either I've just had my first experience of hearing a Goddess' voice, or the stress of not working is taking its toll. I'm open to either explanation. Sometimes they each seem equally plausible.

I'd really appreciate some input.

And, on the question of dedication...

For those of you who have chosen to dedicate to a God, if you're comfortable talking about it, I'd love to hear about your experiences. It seems like it would be -- or at least COULD be -- a life altering event, like getting married.

How did you know?

How did you make the decision?

Did you feel you had a choice?

Did you use any ritual?

Did you mark your dedication in some way?

Was there any difference in your life afterwards?

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