Friday, April 06, 2007

Oaths, Secrecy, and the "Old Laws" in Today's World

I have decided to actively pursue a Wiccan path but had a few questions about the way things work in a modern coven situation for when that time comes for me.

I understand that there are covens that require swearing of an oath, etc... I know this from reading the Internet and books, etc... My question is, when does the oath effectively "take place"?

I have read some versions of the Book of Shadows (particularly Lady Sheba's) and discussed some of it with others, including things that were probably originally meant to be kept secret. For instance, I mentioned the swearing on your mother as part of one of the initiation rituals to my own mother. It is just the way I have always been. Naturally, she wasn't very pleased but I had felt the need to be completely open and honest with her. Again, this is not information that was confided in me rather something that is more or less in the public domain in this day and age, either available via books or the Internet.

I do realize that swearing an oath I would have to change the way I handle my own privacy.

My main question/concern is, would I still be accepted into a traditional coven after discussing these "secret things," or did I somehow manage to break the oath before I've even taken it by reading and discussing texts there were never "meant" to be public (but now readily are)? I worry that I've broken the so-called "Old Laws" before I truly even become a dedicant to the religion.

My initial reaction was that since I have not taken any oath to this point and the information that I've shared is publicly available that I am not in any danger of being "unable" to join a coven, but I just wanted to get some others' opinions on this. When does this oath of secrecy "start"? The moment one begins to explore Wicca or rather when their time of initiation comes?

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