Sunday, April 08, 2007

Runes in Spellwork or Ritual?

I had started a thread in this section about talismans, and got a question about the way I use Runes in my spellwork and rituals. When I answered it another member asked me to start a thread about using Runes, so this is it! Wink

I have been a Wiccan for over 11 years, and have studied many books along the way. But you get to a point in some areas, especially when you are dealing with the Goddess or different Spirits, where you let them guide and teach you. This has been my experience with Runes. First I followed what I had read in books and used them in divination and as charms for their power. But one day, and I can't remember how it happened, they became real Spirits to me, and from that point on I have let them teach me how to work with them in my life. It seems I have heard of this before in books I read long ago, but I can't remember which book or reference. I think it was an ancient practice, so that's why I have always assumed others work with Runes as spirits too.

When I summon a Rune Spirit I draw the Rune in the air with my finger and call it forth to help me with its particular energy for that particular situation. This could be as elaborate as a ritual, or as simple as tracing the Rune with my finger on an object I want charged with its power.

And it can be very simple. There have been times when I am riding in the car, and the person I am riding with doesn't seem to be paying a lot of attention to his/her driving, so I will quietly draw the symbol for the Rune Algiz on my knee and silently call for its protective energy. I also do this with the book orders I send out every day for my publishing business. I draw the appropriate Rune symbol on the package with my finger to bless that order so it will arrive safely and heal or prosper the customer who purchased it from me.

Or it could be a major life-saving thing like the time I hit 4 potholes in the pouring rain, and they really messed up my car so it would barely run. I called loudly to the Rune Spirits to get me safely where I needed to go, and they did. Or when I need healing and will draw energy from the sunlight in a windowsill or light bulb through the symbol for Ur (that I have drawn in the air with my finger), and that Rune Spirit mixes that light energy with its own and channels it into my body as a spiritual kind of fire and heals me. When you work with them this way the Rune Spirits become very real and present in your life, and you realize they have distinct personalities. They walk with me every day as Spirits now, and talk to me, and are with me 24/7 whether I have called forth their power for a certain purpose or not. I can say they are quiet Spirits of few words, not chatty as some are, and very powerful, like having a good friend with you all the time. Strongly comforting is a good way to put it.

I also keep symbols of the Runes I work with most often on the tiny altar in my car. When I get in I say Hello to both Bast and those Rune Spirits and ask for a safe ride. I can't tell you how many car accidents I have narrowly escaped, and I know the Rune Spirits and Bast had a hand in that protection.

Has anyone else worked with Runes for so long that they have gone past the charm/divination stage to the Spirit stage?

I would love to hear how other members are working with Runes in any way in your spellcasting, magick, and rituals?

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