Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pentagram vs. Pentacle?

have been a solitary Wiccan for almost 5 years now and one specific topic continues to puzzle me. The usage for the terms pentagram and pentacle.

-Some people say that Pentagram is used for Satanism and a Pentacle is used in Wicca.

-Some say the Pentagram is inverted and a Pentacle is upright.

-Some say the Pentagram is simply the term for the 5-pointed star and a Pentacle is the the 5-pointed star in a circle and that's all that make them different.

-Some say that the term Pentagram is used to describe a 2-D design such as on paper and Pentacle is used for a 3-D design of the same thing such as a necklace.

-Some say the circle doesn't have anything to do with the terms...some say it has everything to do with it.

I am just so confused when it comes down to this. I encountered one Wiccan who had tattoos of a 5-pointed star in a circle. She called it a pentagram because it was drawn.

Another that I ran into was offended that I called her tattoo a pentagram because it was obviously a pentacle because of the circle encompassing the star.

HELP!! I am tired of offending people.

I myself have Wiccan tattoos and have always referred to them as pentagrams regardless of the circle or not...because I always followed the 2-D/3-D version of terminology. I need a hand with this one!

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