Friday, April 13, 2007

So my mother threw holy water on my altar...

...Need I say more? lol.

She had the best of intentions, really. She had been having nightmares and had been hearing spooky noises, so like any good Catholic she began sprinkling holy water all over the house.

So she bursts into my bedroom while I'm still half-asleep, as she is often wont to do. I submit myself to her sprinklings, but before I can say "GOOD GOD NO!" she flung a few drops at my altar.

The problem (well, the not-so-obvious problem) is that a deity particularly associated with the Faery folk has been courting me, so to speak. (Historically, holy water has always been used to ward off the Fair Folk.) Not only that, but He happens to star in a folktale about St. Collen, in which He is insulted by the saint and is driven away by the saint's holy water. (Found here)

So, my question is...what would you do in this situation? I feel like I should perform some sort of ritual gesture to apologize for any perceived insult...thoughts on that?

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