Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Building a Religion From the Ground Up

For those of you who are building your own path ::nudges Heartshadow:: where do you start? Do you start with core beliefs, or a framework to work within (from the inside out or the outside in if that makes sense?) or are your core beliefs your framework as well?

Are you looking to gain followers or are you really only concerned with practicing on your own path? If you are looking to gain followers what provisions have you made for teaching them, are you thinking of setting up classes/planning group rituals (or already running these things?) Do you have any plans for a church/temple to be built or are you content to practice within your own home(s).

In building Walking with the Gods (yes, I know it needs a better name. I haven't come up with one yet, and I needed something to call it for communication purposes) I guess I sort of started in the middle. I just started writing my beliefs as inspiration came to me, in no particular order. I'm not looking to gain followers, only hoping that my writings influence those who read them in some positive way (although, if someone wants to walk this path with me, I will not complain). Therefore a "teaching framework" isn't in place or even necessary, and all of my rituals are done by myself.

I would like to build a temple to my Gods, in the future. It's not a requirement, or part of making my own religion it's just something I would like to do. Right now my bedroom is my temple, and I'd like to be able to have at least one room set aside for that, though I don't think the gods mind sharing.

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