Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pocket Shrines

I am extremely interested in the concept of the pocket, or matchbox shrine. Has anyone here ever made one?

My dictionary defines “shrine” as a place of devotion to a saint or deity, one that may contain relics. The idea of a pocket shrine is very appealing to me because I would love to have a portable shrine to take with me when I am traveling. I know some people have altar supplies that they take when they go on vacation. As I understand it, the main difference between an altar and a shrine is that shrines are not used for making offerings and altars are.

I found a few sites with examples of pocket shrines:

They are secular and seem to be more artistic expression than anything else, but the idea would work quite nicely for spiritual purposes. I also think that a pocket shrine would make a meaningful and interesting gift.

Any ideas for matchbox-sized symbols or charms relating to Paganism or Eastern religions? I think I have an empty matchbox around here somewhere...

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