Sunday, April 29, 2007

Structure vs Fluidity?

How much structure do we have in our beliefs? How much structure do we need in our beliefs? A Pantheon? A Ceremony? Ritual? Worship?

What makes me an effective massage therapist is that I am very intuitive - my hands are constantly asking questions, and the client (equine or human) is answering in one way or another. That is how I practice my Spirituality - always asking, and waiting for the answers. It's organic, like tree roots that follow the water, and grow along the path of least resistance.

This does lead to problems; I am at once trying to keep up with some Internet forums, write a novel, build a massage clientele, and working a 48+ hour per week job. Sometimes the tree needs pruning, or at least trimming.

So instead of a grid, or formal structure of any significant scale, I have fluidity. Anyone's beliefs are valid to them, and I respect that. In the case of Osama bin Laden and other fundies, I don't agree (in that they are detrimental to society as a whole), but I still respect these views as being truth from a certain point of view.

What structure I do have is on a very small scale, sort of like the grains of sand in an oyster; these grains being along the lines of all life is sacred, even tasty life such as deer and apples, or everyone has something to teach me, even if it is negative in nature, or if I'm not enjoying myself, I need to examine my intent.

Certainly lack of structure has hampered me in some ways. I accept this as an imperfection, but I hardly expect myself to be perfect. Being effective is much more important. Perhaps more structure in some aspects of my life would help me be more effective, but that is something that will have to grow, organically, once I give it permission.


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