Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What Are We Doing to Magick?

Have you ever wondered what we're doing to magick? Have you ever noticed we've lost our wonder?

Awe is replaced by "knowledge". Humility is unheard of. Law replaces self-control. The magick of our universe is explained away by "science". Overindulgenced has bread a sick complacency.

Once holy people (magicians,shamans, witches, etc.) fasted and spent much time in meditation before they dared touch the other side. Now we approach everything with a sense of arrogant entitlment.

And we watch those we call leaders destroy our souce of life with politics and agendas. We live with the knowledge that our Great Mother is miserable. We do nothing to preserve Her. She watches Her children kill each other. Every fire set and bomb thrown scars Her precious skin. The heat of war and greed scorches Her. We do nothing.

Some say I'm crazy. They could be right. I say I'm insanely sensitive. I feel Her anguish. I feel the deadness of people I meet. I look at our whole wretched society and I feel sick.

Magick will die if we continue on our current path. What do you plan to do about that?

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