Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Miserable Pagan Communities?

I see alot of people mentioning how 'awful' their local communities are, how fluffy, how uneducated...

Where are you people stumbling onto these groups?

I've run into some weirdos, but never so out there that I would feel I needed to take measures to distance myself for fear of how someone might perceive me.

I've always gone through the Vox, or Gaias Gateway/ COG for the groups I've hooked up with, as well as a couple of personal recommendations from friends and shop owners.

While I didn't click(que!) with Reclaiming I saw it as a limitation of the path rather than an issue with the individuals - I would still go to their open rituals, and participate in local events book signings etc. I just have no desire to STUDY with them or persue the heirarchy.

I understand the premise/ purpose of their workings, and while I go okay, this isn't a purpose I would come up with on my own it's still a valid one.

So where are all these scary freaky groups? I want to see psycho-pagans.

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