Thursday, May 04, 2006

Research Tutorial?

Given the high level of academic religious scholarship here I was wondering if maybe some of the more expert members would be willing to give a bit of a research tutorial.

While the names of resources are freely given, I was specifically looking for perhaps a more general "How to research" that answers questions such as

How do I find sources on my own?

What is an original source and why is this good?

How do I know if my source is good? ie verification.

Methods for assimilating a large amount of research?

Methods to ENJOY reading some of the more 'dry' sources? Such as using the index, and Table of Contents, doing a heading scan to get a big picture b/f focusing in.

Personal research styles: Why do you choose certain sources over others? What is your research process?

My research method is fairly rudimentary and I spend a lot of time in the wide angle phase to get my bearings before I get into the detailed stuff.

I know that I personally would benefit from hearing about other members research methods and styles. I could definately improve my verification and assimilation skills I easlily get overwhelmed.

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