Monday, May 22, 2006

Fire and Air... Grumble, Grumble

What got me back on this particular treadmill of thought and grumbling is trying to apply myself studiously to Tarot reading again, but it relates to magical attributions as well.

Most of us are used to seeing Elements linked to directions:

Air=East, Fire=South, Water=West, Earth=North

And some of us have customized this to suit where, for instance, the large bodies of water are with regards to our locations.

Now, the other thing, tools are commonly linked to elements (and directions, on presumes).

What I run into is fire=sword OR fire=wand, the second being more prevalent in many things I read. I really have a hard time with that one. In my experience, lol, fire BURNS wands! But fire helps produce a sword...being cut with a sword burns like fire, etc, etc, etc. I equate wand to thought, etc. And fire to sword to will.

Now, since I really am trying to get myself deeper into the Tree of Life spread and the Qabbalistic link-up with readings (don't ask me why, it just "sticks" for me in a way no other spread does) most of my sources are right back to the Wands=fire and it attributes this to Chokma. I can't get there. Also, it attributes knights to Chokma. For me, Tipareth is the 'saving' sephirah---and knights do the saving, so it makes more sense to me to put knights there. And tho' knights have swords....I put wands and air there in my mind and just can't seem to wrench it out of there.

This keeps screwing me up till I want to chew, throw, and otherwise act like a three year old with the book(s).

My question is, then, how do you reconcile the gut "NOPE, Not working for me." with various source materials.

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