Thursday, May 11, 2006

Vegetarianism and Meat-Eating

I've recently started eating meat again for the first time since I was about 4. My whole family became vegetarian for health reasons when I was that age, but now that I've left home it's become more convenient (and yummier) to be a meat-eater. I realised that I had no ethical or practical reasons for continuing to be a vegetarian.

I was just wondering what people's views are on meat-eating and vegetarianism, and how this relates to their beliefs (if at all)? Personally I don't think there is any spiritual/religious merit in vegetarianism, for me at least.

This question is partly inspired by a rather bizarre statement in Denning and Philips' Psychic Self-Defense that meat-eating places girls at the risk of sexual predation. Personally I think this is superstitious nonsense. The only thing that puts girls at risk of rape is men being bastards, and I really don't think that the imputation of 'you brought it on yourself by eating that burger for dinner' is very helpful.

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