Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cowboys For Christ -- Wicker Man II?

According to an article The Sunday Times, a "sequel" of sorts to The Wicker Man by its original director is in the works:

From The Sunday Times - 30 Apr 2006:
'Now devotees of the offbeat can look forward to more of the same as the film’s director, Robin Hardy, prepares to unveil a follow-up book and a film tie-in, Cowboys for Christ."

The story, which Hardy calls "not quite a sequel", is set in a small Scottish town called Tressock, where a Christian couple from the US settle to take up work preaching to the enlightened. Hardy addresses some of the same themes from the Wicker Man, including religion, paganism, sex, power and sacrifice, but this time an ancient Borders tradition — the annual common riding in which horsemen patrol the town’s boundaries — plays a central role.'

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