Friday, May 19, 2006

Real Practitioners of Not Your Religion?

Randall's comment:

"Every real Satanist I've known (teen posers do not count) have been self-centered to the point that the community is only important so far as it can aid whatever they want to do."
got me thinking about differentiating between "real" and "not real" practitioners of religions, especially when it's a question of a religion you do not practice yourself and aren't a member/follower of.

Especially the part quoted raise a question on whether the people Randall referred to fit the description he gave because all real Satanists actually are that way, or because people who call themselves Satanists but do not fit the desciption don't get classified as real Satanists... (especially as my personal experiences aren't that, well, negative)

So, how do you (general you!) classify whether somebody saying they are, say, a Wiccan, an Asatru, or whatever actually is one?

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