Sunday, May 28, 2006

Does Being Pagan Imply Being Religious?

Lately I've been wondering whether I 'count' as a Pagan. According to the definition given in the TC's Pagan Primer:

quote: "A Pagan religion is a religion that is not Jewish, Christian, or Islamic and self-identifies as Pagan."

I fit this in that I'm not JCI, and often consider myself to be Pagan. My problem centres around the word 'religion' - I'm not actively religious, I perform no ritual or prayer. But I do follow a philosophy (Stoicism) that derives from a Pagan culture, and which gives me a definite conception of the Divine.

I was wondering what people's views are on this? Is it enough to have a Pagan philosophical understanding, or must a person be actively religious to count as Pagan?

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