Saturday, March 17, 2007

Vegetarianism? Hunting? Why (or Why Not)?

Moon Ivy mentioning in another thread how her vegetarianism did or did not relate to her religion made me wonder:

1. Is vegetarianism a part of your pagan path? If so, what's the underlying philosophy this vegetarianism is based upon?

2. If you're vegetarian and it's *not* religious, what made you decide to be vegetarian?

I'm not vegetarian, and I was speaking to someone who, like myself, follows a nature-based pagan path; I mentioned that I was thinking of taking up deer hunting (I live in NYC, but there's good deer hunting just an hour or two outside the city), and she looked at me as if I had uttered the Ultimate Unspeakable Offense to the Goddess. Considering that the deer hunting would have been for food (not trophies), I had the opposite thought: that this was actually a very pagan thing to do.

I may be conflating 2 issues here -- vegetarianism and hunting -- but I'd be curious about folks' takes on either or both, and how they do or do not relate to their religious views.

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