Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just Not Feeling "Pagan" Lately...

Have you ever had one of those moments where you feel you are being defined by someone who you have already stopped accepting influence from? (I don't deny the past influence, only that I've stopped defining myself based upon it) I don't adhere to your moral system, or your dogma, but I will use the word that you use to describe me.

I'm kind of feeling this way about the term Pagan lately. While it's used as an umbrella term (yada yada yada) for many earth based, non JCI faiths; and the usage of the term was (correct me if I'm way out there...) from a Christian perspective.

So why am I defining my belief system from a Christian/ Roman perspective? I am neither Christian, nor am I Roman. It's sort of like looking at yourself in the mirror through someone else's glasses. My edges are blurry and undefined, but I don't think it's for lack of having edges. Maybe I'm just not looking at them right?

The other side of this being, I don't know what else I would call myself. I don't really know who I would be talking to when explaining myself, since by habit I don't really go into it. All the same, being unprepared for the question is an uncomfortable place to be.

"A polytheist, dedicated to a single patroness, pursuing a small spectrum of indigenous beliefs with a focus on Aztec and Plains Indian traditions, and a family interest in the Matakeeset tribe" is likely to loose all but the most interested listener, and even then would be met with *hold on, back up, wait a second, explain that???*

So what's an outside the box to do?

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