Monday, March 19, 2007

Resources About Specific Deities?

I know there are some good general mythology sites and books wandering around out there, and every once in a while they get dug up and suggested to someone who's asked a question. But there are also plenty of resources dedicated to the mythology and/or worship of just one or two deities, which I think (I would hope, at least) tend to go a little more in depth. I also know that many of us have a particular interest in one or two or a small handful of deities, and thus have run across these resources concerning the deities we're interested in (or vice versa), so I thought... Why not start a thread and see if we can collect some of those in one place instead of them just kind of showing up in bits and pieces as people express an interest in learning about particular deities?

Are there any deity-specific books or links you would recommend?

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