Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Special Topic: FlameKeeping

[Vieva is probably familiar to most of our members. She is a writer, SAHM and... founder of her own religion. Those of you that have been around TC for some time have likely heard of FlameKeeping, and there are even some converts to be found among TC membership. But what is FlameKeeping, really? What is it about, what do FlameKeepers do? This is your chance to ask all you want to know, and get answers from the one person who should know best. -- Chabas, Special Topics Coordinator]

What is FlameKeeping?

FlameKeeping is a religion that I am writing. It is a pantheistic faith: the Universe is Divine, and It is more than the sum of Its parts. It is also polytheistic: there are gods that are intermediaries between ourselves and the Divine. Being closer to the Divine nature, They can see more clearly what's going on and what needs to be done. Being individual, though, They can act in ways that appear to conflict with each other.

What is FlameKeeping to the individual? It is a calling to improve the Universe, both by improving oneself and by improving the world around us. Because we are of the Divine, improving ourselves improves the whole. But we're only a small part of that Divine. We must also reach out and improve the world around us, or we are neglecting our abilities.

To be a FlameKeeper is to be aware of our inner Divine Flames. There is the Bright Flame, that which is what we show to the world around us and which guides us to others. And there is the Dark Flame, the inner darkness that renews and heals us.

Joining FlameKeeping is a two-step process. The first one is deciding FlameKeeping makes sense and studying it. The second, and the one that makes you a "full" FlameKeeper, is adding to the religion. This can be with another essay (as it has been so far), with artwork, with action, or anything else that shows that the ideas have been incorporated and added to. If it adds and shows understanding, then that too is added to FlameKeeping and the person is considered a full member.

I'm more than willing to answer questions. Also, everything is at my website, www.flamekeeping.org.

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