Friday, March 16, 2007

Family (Magic-Like) Tricks?

For those of us whose parents and other family members are not pagan or practicing any sort of magical system, can you think of any things that your family does/did that in retrospect could be considered a type of magic?

For example, my mother was always really good at drawing off pain. (Probably a relatively common mother thing.) I can remember getting vaccinations at the doctor; my mum always held my hand and told me to "give the pain to her."

I seem to have inherited this knack. Even though I have very little healing talent, if someone has a headache, I can "take" it from them. Of course this means I end up with the headache, but hey, I can do it. I can also give pain to my partner if I'm not careful. It's a bit embarassing to have someone pointing their finger at you saying "You gave me your hangover!" Ooops, I wondered why I was feeling so good. *hangs head in shame*

Anyway, does anyone else have anything like this in their families? I'm not really thing of famtrads, more like family knacks or tricks.

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