Monday, March 05, 2007


I was completely fascinated by the list of self-descriptors that Sunflower posted in the Introductions thread:

Religiously/spiritually/magically, I am:
- Animist
- Pantheist (absolutely not panentheist)
- Medium-hard polytheist
- Agnostic (i.e., I believe all these things, based on the evidence of experience, but I do not know them, and have doubts about whether they can be known absolutely - which doesn't stop me from asking the questions)
- Borderline atheist (depends on definition - I do not believe in a self-aware, volitional, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent creator-of-everything)
- Pagan
- Eclectic Wiccan; Witch. Influenced by many things, including Traditionalist Wicca/Witchcraft and Feri-derived material.
- Libertarian Witch (my trad), and therefore chthonurgist
- Discordian
- Cyberwitch (an aspect of my Craft which I'm making a point of moving forward in of late)
- Humanist (if just one of these is "my religion", this is the one; the others are explanations of worldview and/or descriptors of praxis)

I was particularly interested in that fact that she considers herself a polytheist, agnostic, and borderline atheist all that the same time. This is probably extremely limited of me, but -- to the extent that I've thought about it -- I've always considered those descriptors to be mutually exclusive.

And, moreover, I've personally been struggling with what I've thought of as my own fickleness because sometimes I feel strongly polytheist, other times soft polytheist, other times agnostic, other times just plain ol' confused.

I'd be very interested in how others think about this.

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