Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Egyptian Holidays

For those who celebrate by the Kemetic calendar (No matter which version you use), which holidays are most important to you out of the year (If you feel like sharing that)? What do you do? What rituals do you incorporate in your acknowledgment and celebration, if any? And, do you take the most important days off of work, or do you go and celebrate before or after work?

I ask because I've been incredibly lazy in celebrating the holidays, and only recently have started observing them! Unfortunately, most of Set's days tend to fall on Saturdays this year, one of the two days I absolutely cannot get off from work. I feel like a bad worshipper, because usually after work I'm too tired to remember that I should do something. I do usually cleanse, light candles and insense, and share food and drink when I remember. But this is also something I do regularly, so I was wondering if anyone does anything really special, and if they were willing to share!

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